Assessments & Consultations

Jason is currently scheduling appointments for Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s Thursday’s and Friday’s starting at 5pm

The typical procedure for the assessment is as follows:

  1. Please fill out a request for Services Form 
  2. We will review it and direct you to the next steps with the information you provided on the services form. We will need a completed Patient History form to get more information about your child/you
  1.  First Visit: The first visit is scheduled with Jason Bergancia. We will need all previous reports and patient history filled out and delivered to our office no later than 3 business days prior, in order to have sufficient time to review them. Jason will meet with one or both of the parents, while the child waits in the waiting room with the other parent or responsible adult that you bring with you. After the meeting (usually about 10-15 minutes), the child is brought in by Jason where he will do informal and formal testing tasks at that time. On the first visit, 1/2 of the total assessment fee is due.

3) After the initial meeting, Jason will formulate an assessment “plan” and determine the administration of the tests that will be given and estimate how many appointsment will be needed.

4) Jason will contact a classroom teacher or other professional you desire as specified on your exchange of information, in order to gain additional information about your child’s communication skills in other settings.

5) Two-three weeks after your child’s last assessment appointment, we will have a meeting (adults only) to review the results, and will provide you with two copies of the report.