Accent Modification

Accents are beautiful and endearing, as they bring color and spice to a person’s speaking voice. Just like our fingerprints, accents are unique, one of a kind, and provide the listener with a glimpse into the person’s cultural-linguistic background. Even within the United States, we have accented English that can provide clues into which general geographical area a person may be from. 

For example, for a New Yorker who has been living in California for 16 years, people might pick up their subtle New York accent when they say certain words (e.g., “Cawfee” for Coffee or “Wawter” for Water.) Similarly, people who immigrate from other English speaking countries may find themselves adapting their speech patterns (i.e., accent) to mirror the speech patterns of American English in order to integrate seamlessly without the stigma of feeling like a foreigner who sounds different. Here at First Expressions Speech-Language Pathology Services, Inc., we can help our clients by equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to minimize the influence their accented speech may have on their ability to confidently engage in formal and informal speaking situations within their respective work and community settings. 

Who is Accent Modification for?

  • Healthcare Professionals: doctors, nurses, therapists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Clergy
  • Professors, researchers, and fellows
  • Call center telemarketers
  • International college students
  • Anyone who feels that their accented English is impacting their everyday speaking with others.

What can the Accent Modification program do for your speaking skills?

  • Improve communication with your peers
  • Increase confidence in public or any speaking situation
  • Decrease frustration when asked to repeat yourself

We are certified in

 Institute of Language and Phonology Pronouncing English as Second Language (PESL)  is one of the most reputable approaches known among the industry. Among the many great benefits of the program, you will receive weekly sessions that will be individualized to your unique needs. The best part is that it can be conducted 100% online in the comfort of your own home.

Still not sure if Accent Modification training is for you? Try our FREE SCREENING

We will review your recording and let you know whether Accent Modification is right for you. You can also try out our online practice lab for a limited time to interact with the modules to help make an informed decision. If you complete the program, we’ll also provide our clients with lifetime access to the practice lab in addition to ongoing coaching/mentoring for continued success toward future endeavors. Simply provide us with the information below and we’ll send you a link to the practice lab demo. 

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